St. Jerome’s Life Teen Band

March 1, 2013

St. Jerome's Life Teen Band

I’m with the band! I’m the cellist 🙂

test March 1

March 1, 2013

new stuff to come


March 1, 2013



December 27, 2009

Whoa, things are piling up here! I’m learning too many things and feeling overwhelmed. First is my job, performing in Fuerza Bruta, then all the rehearsals that go around that (put in for Corridor Finale and emergency rehearsals for earthquakes). I’m also trying to do certain activities every day i.e.:
– study spanish (25 new words and phrases to memorize, as well as trying to speak broken Spanish out loud to someone)
– play the cello
– play the piano
– read a chapter in one of my three books
– go to the jacuzzi/steam room
– stretch and do ballet or yoga
– run on the treadmill or ride a bike
– go find something new about Taipei during a brisk walk.
– go to the amazing buffet breakfast which is FREE
– upload photos and videos while in Taipei
– work on the IHKL video for FB NYC
– drink a bottle of water

…and of course, its not all happening everyday. I’ve requested too many things!

This new book…

December 19, 2009

My awesome friend Gwyn (Hi Gwyn!) gave me a book, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I just got passed chapter 30.  Gwyn just returned from Morocco, read this book, found it inspiring and has given it now to me, hoping I too would find it inspiring in the midst of my travels while here in Taipei.  Its true, I have found it inspiring!  Most every day (been here 8 days), immediately after the complimentary buffet breakfast, I take this book and my latte and read a few chapters in a comfy cushy chair somewhere in the hotel.

Excited about this paragraph in Chapter 30, I wanted to share a line from Virgina Woolf, “Across the broad continent of a woman’s life falls the shadow of a sword…”….its an excerpt from Gilbert’s book.  I wanted to get the entire script from Woolf off the internet, only to find I am ONE of thousands of women who are apparently talking about this same paragraph, from this same book, feeling similar challenges about taking the road less traveled by.

I guess I’m not alone in my feelings any more!  I was finding strange parallels to Gilbert’s life and mine, well sort of but not really.  Only that I’m in a foreign country, trying to learn a new language (two in my case, Argentine Spanish and Mandarin), trying to make sense of a whirlwind relationship that shouldn’t have happened anyways, but I’m not really scared or feeling lonely.  I actually visited a psychic right before I left NYC too, saying we’d meet again (?).

Something about living in NYC makes you run ragged sometimes, and I wasn’t always so sure what I was trying to keep up with.  I do know that the weather is similar with Taipei and NYC right now, its cold and damp, with gray skies constantly.  But it doesn’t really bother me here in Taipei.  In NYC the crappy weather sucked the happiness out of me.  I just let the weather do that to me there.  But its not really happening like that here.  I’m using it as an excuse to keep reading my books!

I haven’t really explored the city yet, like some of the other people already have done here on tour.  I figure I could take my time since I’ll be here for three months.  For now, I’m just enjoying being a bookworm for the first time in my life.  Reading Eat Pray Love, learning Spanish, eating at the glorious buffet, going to the gym, going swimming in the indoor pool, practicing ballet again, learning dance choreography from YouTube, and of course performing in my show and feeling like a rock star among all the screaming Asians.  I’m having a good time.  They’ve even got Starbucks on every corner for us wayward Americans too.  It sort of goes well with the random Christmas decorations in this Buddhist city.  I’m less active in my days and nights here for sure, but I sort of like it.

When my dad as 41, my mom was 35…

December 15, 2009

…and they moved from their home in the Philippines to the US with their 4 kids. I wasn’t born yet. I think my dad’s english wasn’t so good, but fluent enough to get by. My mom’s english was probably fluent, but with a heavy accent. She was invited to the US with her family to work as a nurse, since there was a shortage of nurses. Many Philippinas did this in the 1970’s, including my Auntie Perlita. I bet they were all really scared, probably more than I’ll ever be.

While I was on the plane, that crossed my mind while I was traveling over the Pacific Ocean. I was going in the opposite directing as my parents did over 30 years ago. Only I’m single, no kids, fluent in english, and going to Taiwan, where the city is apparently Americanized. Like my mom, I’m going on a job assignment. I’m not a nurse, but I can make people happy. I do so as a cast member performing in Fuerza Bruta.

I wonder what kind of new stuff I’ll experience while I’m here in Taipei.

WiFi on an airplane

December 7, 2009

I have left New York, wondering if I made a good decision. But somehow the internet on this Virgin America flight makes me feel much better. I’m writing this from the plane RIGHT NOW!!! I’ve already talked to Ana, my doctor, my brother and completely surfed Facebook! I think I’m gonna watch an episode of The Office off right now!!!! Heh, I even have On Demand Movies on the chair in front of me too. Gotta love this disco lighting effect in the main cabin.

Getting ready for Taipei

December 4, 2009

Just a few more things to do like pack, call the IRS for years 2005 and 2006, paint my room for the subletter, hoping to put a floor down, pay rent, pay utilities, put all my bills on auto bill pay, pack, do 4 more shows in Fuerza Bruta, make sure I have all my medications, and get a piece of luggage. Oh, I have to turn in all kinds of receipts for reimbursement for my employer. Today is Friday, I’m supposed to leave on Sunday. Did you just call me a procrastinator? I’ve heard that before!